Education-Before And After The Invention Of The Internet

exploration - Education-Before And After The Invention Of The Internet

If we compare the 21st-century education system with the 20th-century education system then we come to know how many modifications have been made and how the quality of education has improved. The Internet not only makes learning more efficient, but it is also a less expensive method of learning everything you want to learn. Students can learn any new course over the Internet at a very affordable cost. The Internet breaks the money barrier for poor or middle-class students. There is no doubt that the Internet and technology are changing society in different ways. Likewise, the Internet and technology are also changing the education system. The internet turns boring learning topics into interesting and fun activities. In this modern age, students have easier access than ever before to unlimited information and tools due to the wide array of technologies available in modern classrooms. In this article, we will discuss the education system before and after the invention of the internet. 

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  • Back in the 20th century, many students could now complete their education because of the costly books as very few students could afford expensive books. But now in the 21st century, anyone can easily download the free e-books from the internet to complete their homework, tests, exams, etc. 
  • Today, Students do not have to carry several heavy books around classrooms daily like in the 20th century as they can easily carry ebooks on their cell phones or laptops. 
  • Today with the help of the internet, students can minimize the total cost of education by using e-books instead of printed books. The best thing about eBooks is that they are easy to carry.
  • If we look back, we realize that before the Internet, students had to meet professors and professors face to face on campus. But now they don’t have to spend any money coming and going to meet their favorite teachers and professors to ask questions, solve questions, and seek advice. Teachers and students can easily communicate with each other through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. Through these internet social media platforms, they can organize lessons with their teachers and even meet their peers from other countries.
  • Back then, the students had no choice but to attend the schools and college for learning but now the internet has provided hundreds of online courses that do not require you to attend any school or college. There are hundreds of fun learning programs and courses available on the internet for students to learn with enjoyment. Many Youtube channels teach elementary school students with so many colorful animations that are very attractive to elementary school students. When students don’t have to hold up their boring textbooks and read over and over to memorize things, they learn more interest. All topics are discussed in detail with amazing animation to teach students about each particular topic. They just need to listen and watch animated videos and they will understand the topic in no time. These students do not tire and learn while having fun.
  • Back then, the quality of education was highly dependent on the educational tools that different schools had. But not today. Of course, even now, not all schools have access to the same educational tools, but one thing that all schools can have is an Internet connection. The internet can offer students more varied and advanced courses with teachers in different fields without ever leaving their classrooms. Many distance / online learning programs can include complex programs that require the presentation and administration of homework or informal programs that include emails, webcams, and chat rooms for better communication.
  • In the 21st-century education system, the Internet is very useful for students who need to research a particular subject or topic. Thanks to the Internet, students are only a click away from the sum of human knowledge and do not have to spend days in the library in finding and reading relevant books like in the 20th century. The Internet provides various tools for students to search for information and get more information on the desired subject. On the Internet, there are over a million research articles available on different topics and topics. These research papers allow students to understand what has already been found and what remains to be discovered. These research papers also help students learn the core of each subject.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

All in all, the 21st-century students need a stable internet connection and a good quality computer. The internet has not only made learning fun, but it’s also a very affordable way to learn anything. Therefore, apply Time Internet Malaysia to get the fastest internet speed in very affordable packages in Malaysia.

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