What is myemail

Delivering your bills and notices directly to you

myemail is an email messaging service open to all Malaysians. If you are a Malaysian then you are eligible for a myemail account. Getting a myemail account is simple and can be done on the web. myemail also comes with a list of servies where you can subscribe to have your digital statements, bills or notices delivered to your myemail inbox. You can find out more about myemail services here.

With a myemail account you can receive all your bills and notices from public and private organizations directly to your myemail inbox. Since every myemail account is authenticated to the actual user, your private information is protected against any identity theft.

In the near future myemail will be coming up with services to help myemail users get the most out of their interaction with government agencies and private entities. Follow us on Facebook to get the latest news from us.

One Inboxmyemail works just like regular email and more. Get notices and bills from government agencies and private organizations directly to your myemail inbox.
Store anythingWith 25GB of storage you can store documents, photos, etc. online in the cloud.
Do more than just emailCreate, edit and save Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents using your myemail id. Access those documents anywhere by using your browser.
Works just like regular emailYou don’t need to learn anything new. Send, receive and save emails securely using myemail, just like you would with regular email.
What are you waiting for? Registration is free and convenient. Get your myemail today!