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What attracts international students to Malaysia?

International students in Malaysia will find no scarcity of open doors and beaming smiles in this lovely, diversified country, even though they have traded traditional sea ports for airports nowadays. In addition, there are top-notch educational opportunities, numerous cultural festivals, environments with the most diverse species in the world, unspoiled beaches, and exciting towns with an abundance of things to do.

Discover beautiful islands and beaches

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Malaysia’s 878 islands share the same ocean and beaches, as well as equally immaculate sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters. However, Malaysia has an advantage in that it is off the usual route, giving you kilometres of shoreline to explore without encountering another person. Students can take a short boat ride beyond Peninsular Malaysia to the picturesque Redang, Langkawi, Rawa, or the Perhentian Islands. The paradise is just a short distance from the universities visited by foreign students in Malaysia on the weekends. There are no finer beaches than those in Malaysia. They are accessible, affordable, have beautiful water, superb diving and snorkelling.

Learn in one of the most diverse locations on Earth

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Malaysia served as a crucial stop on the maritime route used for the Spice Trade, serving as the halfway point for all ships travelling from Asia to Europe and vice versa. As a result, it has evolved into a patchwork of numerous cultures coexisting peacefully under one flag. It also happens to be recognised as the 16th most peaceful nation in the world. International students who choose to study in Malaysia have the possibility to gain a profound understanding of how variety and coexistence appear in a particularly serene and lovely way.

Locate top study abroad opportunities

If you feel like enrolling in a university or participating in a formal exchange to live with Malay classmates, you can. In reality, four of Malaysia’s universities, which are rising in the world rankings, were among the top 25 among institutions of higher learning founded within the last 50 years. There are numerous programmes that combine a prolonged stay in Malaysia with travel to another nation. You can choose from any of these possibilities, and you’ll receive college credit for doing so. It makes sense why there are so many foreign students coming to Malaysia to study because the academics and variety of chances are unmatched.

The world’s cheapest city for students

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In terms of cost of living, Kuala Lumpur routinely ranks as the world’s cheapest city for students. The monthly projected cost of living for foreign students in Malaysia (which includes housing, food, and transportation) is only around $300. The cost of food alone frequently exceeds that in most American cities. This is feasible elsewhere, right? There is a reason why people come here and stay. Once you’ve experienced this level of value for your money, how can you go back to your normal life?

Most students who decide to study abroad mostly look at what the university scene will be like, while not giving much thought to what they could be doing after class hours. The social scene and what else the country has to offer should also be taken into consideration. Numerous recognised university for mbbs degree in malaysia are not the only things that international students can look forward to here. 

baby toothbrush in malaysia

Dental care for your baby

Hi everyone! Today we will be discussing dental care for your baby. Did you know that for most babies, their teeths start to appear between 6 to 10 months? When a baby tooth reaches the surface of the gums, the gum will open up to expose the tooth. When new teeth begin to emerge from the gums, babies may rub their gums together. This is because they might feel comfortable about it, and sometimes pain can be felt. This isn’t usually an issue. If this thing is happening to your baby, keep calm. We are here to help you and give the best tips for you and your baby! Let’s continue to read. 

When your baby always rub their gums because of the teeth started to appear from the gums, you may try this:

  • Rub your baby’s gums gently with a hygienic finger. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before doing it.
  • Provide your baby with something to chew on, such as a toothbrush, dummy,
  • Give your baby mushier foods that require less chewing 
  • Give your baby things firm to suck on, such as a sugar-free rusk

At the beginning of the teeth trying to come out, you can gently wipe your baby’s gums using a clean gauze twice a day. It will help your baby get used to teeth cleaning and prepare for teeth brushing after this. And then, when the teeth have already appeared, you can start to clean them using a soft baby toothbrush. If you are looking for a baby toothbrush in malaysia, you can check out the Pigeon website, as they have various baby toothbrushes that you can choose from. You can also find other baby products on their website. Remember, you should change your baby’s toothbrush at least once every three months as bacteria might have accumulated on it. 

image - Dental care for your baby

Prevent early tooth decay

Cleaning the teeth only has no guarantee that your child is not going to get early tooth decay. Diet, as well as the way you give food to baby, need to be taken into consideration too:

  • Don’t put your baby to sleep at night with a milk bottle. If your baby sleeps with a bottle, the milk will soak in your baby’s mouth and teeth. This will increase the chance of getting early tooth decay.
  • Once your baby has teeth, avoid giving your baby food that is high in sugar. Your child might be addicted to sweet food if you regularly give it.
  • If your baby sleeps early without brushing their teeth, try to clean your baby’s teeth while they are sleeping. It’s much better than not cleaning it at all.

Hope this article helps you in taking care of your baby’s teeth. You can also look at this website to learn more about baby’s teeth care! 

hot lay up malaysia

Vessel Lay Ups: What is That? 

“Laid up” or “Lay up” is a term that is used when ships have been taken out of service temporarily because of a lack of cargo. Additionally, this can also happen when there is an insufficient running cost due to the increase in the freight cost. As a result of these trying times, vessel lay-ups occur. 

Rather than selling ships, many companies prefer to lay up their ships during the economical crisis. 

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The reason behind lay-ups is to decrease the company’s overhead which includes machinery wear and tear, fuel, cost of insurance, and manning costs.  Consequently, this saves the cost that will be used during non-profitable times. There is no way to predict how long can a vessel be decommissioned, either, it could take up to a few weeks or as long as 5 years or perhaps more. 

When it comes to lay-up ships, it considers a few factors such as the port location, the temperature of the water, the local weather conditions, security, infrastructure of the ship, and many more. 

Factors should be considered because the vessel will be stopped from being used for a long time. Hence, lay-up vessels should be placed in appropriate waters, proper manning should be provided and security should be ensured as well.

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With that in mind, there are 3 types of lay-ups. The hot, cold, and warm lay up. Let’s uncover this together: 

The hot lay up 

 A hot lay up Malaysia means that the deck and engine crew are full. Moreover, the ship is close to a place where it is easy to access according to the itinerary and ready for service when it is needed. Basically, a hot lay-up is temporary – it could be within a few months. As a result, certificates are kept up to date and operational costs decreased. 

The warm lay up

A warm lay-up is when the crew and maintenance are reduced. Meanwhile, machinery is kept active. The warm lay-up finds it hard to find a spot to port due to some obstacles such as local restrictions. This lay-up takes about 12 months out of service. 

The cold lay up

The drastic situation calls for drastic measures – the cold lay-up vessels could be decommissioned for several years. This lay-up happens because vessel crewing is reduced, hence, this minimizes fire, flood, and security monitoring. The optimal place to port the vessel is in a remote area, specifically, in cooler waters. 

Reactivating the vessels 

This depends on how long the vessel has been idle. Other than that, surveys have to be collected as well before the vessel can get to work again. Certificates that have expired should be renewed as well before the vessel can get to work again. Hence, reactivating a vessel takes up a long time and a lot of processes should be conducted before it can get to work again.