What attracts international students to Malaysia?

International students in Malaysia will find no scarcity of open doors and beaming smiles in this lovely, diversified country, even though they have traded traditional sea ports for airports nowadays. In addition, there are top-notch educational opportunities, numerous cultural festivals, environments with the most diverse species in the world, unspoiled beaches, and exciting towns with an abundance of things to do.

Discover beautiful islands and beaches

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Malaysia’s 878 islands share the same ocean and beaches, as well as equally immaculate sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters. However, Malaysia has an advantage in that it is off the usual route, giving you kilometres of shoreline to explore without encountering another person. Students can take a short boat ride beyond Peninsular Malaysia to the picturesque Redang, Langkawi, Rawa, or the Perhentian Islands. The paradise is just a short distance from the universities visited by foreign students in Malaysia on the weekends. There are no finer beaches than those in Malaysia. They are accessible, affordable, have beautiful water, superb diving and snorkelling.

Learn in one of the most diverse locations on Earth

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Malaysia served as a crucial stop on the maritime route used for the Spice Trade, serving as the halfway point for all ships travelling from Asia to Europe and vice versa. As a result, it has evolved into a patchwork of numerous cultures coexisting peacefully under one flag. It also happens to be recognised as the 16th most peaceful nation in the world. International students who choose to study in Malaysia have the possibility to gain a profound understanding of how variety and coexistence appear in a particularly serene and lovely way.

Locate top study abroad opportunities

If you feel like enrolling in a university or participating in a formal exchange to live with Malay classmates, you can. In reality, four of Malaysia’s universities, which are rising in the world rankings, were among the top 25 among institutions of higher learning founded within the last 50 years. There are numerous programmes that combine a prolonged stay in Malaysia with travel to another nation. You can choose from any of these possibilities, and you’ll receive college credit for doing so. It makes sense why there are so many foreign students coming to Malaysia to study because the academics and variety of chances are unmatched.

The world’s cheapest city for students

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In terms of cost of living, Kuala Lumpur routinely ranks as the world’s cheapest city for students. The monthly projected cost of living for foreign students in Malaysia (which includes housing, food, and transportation) is only around $300. The cost of food alone frequently exceeds that in most American cities. This is feasible elsewhere, right? There is a reason why people come here and stay. Once you’ve experienced this level of value for your money, how can you go back to your normal life?

Most students who decide to study abroad mostly look at what the university scene will be like, while not giving much thought to what they could be doing after class hours. The social scene and what else the country has to offer should also be taken into consideration. Numerous recognised university for mbbs degree in malaysia are not the only things that international students can look forward to here.