Many people do “permohonan kolej jururawat”! Nurse is a good thing! 


So many universities or colleges have this offer which is “permohonan kolej jururawat“. They believe studying to be a nurse in college is a good thing and a good course too. Many people want to be nurses, most of them because they want to take care of the people. Even if they can’t study, being a doctor is really hard for them, being a nurse is also not that easy. “Permohonan kolej jururawat” is the hot thing among the people from high school. 

Also the advertisement about applying to be a nurse is many for the student. It is true there are many nurses in the world but still they want more students. The income is also worth it but some of the opinions are not as we think. Nurse work is like an all rounder all the time so there are many things they need to do in one day. Also the amount  of patients that they need to take care of was many too. 

Even they had certain patients that seriously needed to take care but still it was their responsibility. So they need to take care of all patients in the same way except for those that need to take care of some patients they ordered too. Some of them are personal nurses, so they just will take care of that one person during their work. The main thing is that being a nurse is a stable job that has a stable income too. It was really recommended for them to apply to be a nurse at college. 

Things that nurses challenge 

Twelve hours shift

This thing not all people know and talk about, twelve hours shift for the nurse. That is the reason why not make the nurse be angry at you because they are tired already. When the nurse gives suggestions, you need to follow. Some nurses do not show the tiredness in their faces because they are really professional with their work. For some of them that are really tired, they can yell at you if you make the problem. 

image 1024x683 - Many people do "permohonan kolej jururawat"! Nurse is a good thing! 

Also there was nurse day because I wanted to celebrate their hard work being a nurse. It was not always nice being a nurse, in a twelve hour shift, other people can do many things. For the nurse they just can work at a hospital or clinic. We should respect them when we see them and not be bad people to them. 

Injury or affection

The most common injury that the nurse had is back injuries, they will have those injuries. Main reason they get that is because standing too long or many patients that need to get up. They are the ones that will lift up the patient, depending on the patient’s illness. One of the strongest people  in the world is a nurse, they had many things to do. 

They give medicine, clean the patient, give food and many other things. For the affection, they can get the sickness like flu from the patient if they do not take good care of themself. That is the reason why many people in hospitals wear masks because it is to prevent getting sick. Back injury is the most common thing that nurses get when being a nurse.  

Why is it so important to provide healthcare for children?

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As a culture, we all recognize and preach the importance of children’s health care. Almost everyone supports providing health insurance for children, including parents, teachers, and politicians. It’s not merely a good thing to say or feel that providing insurance for children is significant for their health. It’s a harsh reality. There are a few major reasons why every parent should be looking for insurance plan for babies Malaysia. There’s no denying that health insurance for your child can be costly, but there are inexpensive options available as well as government programmes that can assist.

Children Are More Vulnerable to Disease and Injury Than Adults.

While it is sometimes stated that children are tough and “bounce back” fast from colds, bruises, and other minor injuries, kids may face significant consequences if they become ill or wounded and do not receive necessary treatment owing to a lack of children’s healthcare coverage. Even small diseases can endanger children’s health, since their immune systems are still maturing. 

Even simple conditions like ear infections, if not properly diagnosed and treated, can result in irreversible hearing loss. Children’s bones are still developing and more delicate than an adult’s, making them more prone to fracturing if they fall. It is important to have health insurance for children in order to provide them with prompt care or to avoid an illness from worsening over time.

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The Changing Bodies of Children Require Constant Monitoring

Your child’s medical needs may vary as he or she grows older. Some avoidable illnesses or disorders may go untreated if you don’t allow a doctor to offer them frequent check-ups owing to a lack of insurance. Untreated allergies cause youngsters to be sick all the time. Other uncommon and deadly disorders, such as sickle cell anaemia, may go untreated and worsen over time if they are not treated. After your child loses his or her baby teeth, dental health must be managed to promote a healthy, powerful smile. 

Regular checks also ensure that your child is growing up healthy and appropriately, with your doctor ready to provide advice or prescribe therapy if something looks to be lacking. From a healthy, robust kid, a healthy, strong adult emerges. Health insurance for children allows for ongoing preventative therapy and health monitoring. Detecting and resolving possible issues as a kid grows older helps them grow into healthier, more productive individuals.

Beyond Physical Health, Children’s Health Insurance Aids in Wellness

While acquiring health insurance for your child has the apparent benefit of assisting in their physical well-being, it also has other benefits. Insured children miss fewer days of school than their uninsured peers because they receive treatment and recover from their illnesses faster. If your child is struggling in school, it’s possible that they are having problems seeing or hearing the instructor, necessitating the usage of glasses or a hearing aid. 

Insured children develop better cognitively and socially than those who do not get treatment because their health is continuously evaluated via checkups and any chronic conditions are handled. Health insurance benefits a child’s health as well as their overall well-being.

Your Health is largely dependent on you, do better!

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Health is an important aspect that will prove fatal if you do not watch it. If you are battling rising cholesterol and are in need of high cholesterol Chinese medicine Proliganic in Malaysia, please visit Hans Secrets.

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We have a very intricate connection between what we eat and how we feel. A healthy eating strategy concentrates on taste, satisfaction and energy consumption rather than weight. Examine your mix of low-calorie products, dense nutrient foods (offering a number of calorie nutrients), and rich, but poor, calorie-like items. Additional fresh food is necessary for most People (in contrast to processed, highly refined foods). Try to add additional whole grains, fresh fruits and legumes to your foods. To increase enjoyment, pair these high-carbohydrate items with a healthy fat or lean protein.


Restrict saturated fats and trans fats, and eat more high-inflammatory omega 3 fats in order to reduce your danger of cardiovascular disease and perhaps even alleviate your melancholy emotions. EPA/DHA (eicosapentaenoic acid/docosahexaenoic acid) comparable to only one gramme daily is advised. Cold-water oily fish (wild salmon, herring, sardines, truffles) will supply both EPA and DHA two or three times a week. You will have a good amount of omega-3s if you add up to two tablespoons of ground flaxseed, and eat meat, milk and grass-fed cheese.


Additional supplements don’t replace a balanced meal. Every addition should be reviewed thoroughly for pureness and safety even though many health professionals recommend using a multivitamin and mineral complement that gives you 100 to 200% of your daily recommended intake. Toxicity, medicine responses, competition in other nutrients, and even higher risk for diseases such as cancer, cardiac illness or diabetes have been related with specific supplements.


Food and physical activity are both fun and sensory! Take enjoyment and not suffer in both. Give heed to the food’s nutritious worth and feeling satisfied, relaxed, tense, joyful and tired when you sit down and eat. Examine yourself when you eat, enhance your identification of starvation, completeness and satisfaction when you evaluate when and how much you eat.


If it sounds worrisome to add more fruit and vegetables, look for ‘finger food’ variants that preschool children love – carrot and celery stick, cherry tomatoes, blooming broccoli, raisins, berries and fruit. Everything is nutritional.


I spend numerous hours exercising, and I never seem to shed the ten pounds I’ve been hearing from customers. Allow yourself to minimize your training. Believe it or not, the problem may be overtraining. If there is not sufficient rest to rejuvenate your body, then the performance will eventually decrease. Tiredness, mood, lack of excitement, depression (Stress Hormone) and elevated cortisol are some characteristics of an excessive condition. Creating a program of periodization – splitting your routine into several training modes – might help to avoid overwork by including rest stages in your scheme.