Dental care for your baby

Hi everyone! Today we will be discussing dental care for your baby. Did you know that for most babies, their teeths start to appear between 6 to 10 months? When a baby tooth reaches the surface of the gums, the gum will open up to expose the tooth. When new teeth begin to emerge from the gums, babies may rub their gums together. This is because they might feel comfortable about it, and sometimes pain can be felt. This isn’t usually an issue. If this thing is happening to your baby, keep calm. We are here to help you and give the best tips for you and your baby! Let’s continue to read. 

When your baby always rub their gums because of the teeth started to appear from the gums, you may try this:

  • Rub your baby’s gums gently with a hygienic finger. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before doing it.
  • Provide your baby with something to chew on, such as a toothbrush, dummy,
  • Give your baby mushier foods that require less chewing 
  • Give your baby things firm to suck on, such as a sugar-free rusk

At the beginning of the teeth trying to come out, you can gently wipe your baby’s gums using a clean gauze twice a day. It will help your baby get used to teeth cleaning and prepare for teeth brushing after this. And then, when the teeth have already appeared, you can start to clean them using a soft baby toothbrush. If you are looking for a baby toothbrush in malaysia, you can check out the Pigeon website, as they have various baby toothbrushes that you can choose from. You can also find other baby products on their website. Remember, you should change your baby’s toothbrush at least once every three months as bacteria might have accumulated on it. 

image - Dental care for your baby

Prevent early tooth decay

Cleaning the teeth only has no guarantee that your child is not going to get early tooth decay. Diet, as well as the way you give food to baby, need to be taken into consideration too:

  • Don’t put your baby to sleep at night with a milk bottle. If your baby sleeps with a bottle, the milk will soak in your baby’s mouth and teeth. This will increase the chance of getting early tooth decay.
  • Once your baby has teeth, avoid giving your baby food that is high in sugar. Your child might be addicted to sweet food if you regularly give it.
  • If your baby sleeps early without brushing their teeth, try to clean your baby’s teeth while they are sleeping. It’s much better than not cleaning it at all.

Hope this article helps you in taking care of your baby’s teeth. You can also look at this website to learn more about baby’s teeth care!