Fibre Internet vs Cable Internet: Which One to Choose?

5839 - Fibre Internet vs Cable Internet: Which One to Choose?

Almost everyone has access to the internet in this era. The question is what type of internet connection is the best for you? Is it the fibre internet or cable internet? Which one should you choose? Well, of course, both of them have their own pros and cons. In this post, you will get to know a brief explanation about both fibre and cable internet. If you want further information about them, more details on Time fibre unlimited home broadband Malaysia. For our topic today, what are the differences between fibre internet and cable internet? 

Fibre-Optic Internet

As the name suggests, fibre internet uses a cable that is filled with plastic fibre. They are very thin and are able to travel long distances just to carry digital information. The speeds are told to be faster than the cable internet by 20 times. Technically, fibre internet has its own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before purchasing. Fibre internet is known to be super fast in connection. It is said to be able to send data at 70% speed of light. That is how fast it is. Other than that, it is very secure too. It is impossible to put on the cable to get any data from the users. So, there is no need to worry about “hackers” or data breaching. It offers the same upload and download speed too, unlike the common cable internet which usually would differ. You wouldn’t have to spend hours in front of your laptop or computer just to upload or download something. However, nothing is perfect. So does fibre internet. One of the disadvantages is the area coverage is limited. Unless you live in a big metropolitan city, you might get access to it. Other than that, it is quite expensive due to the availability and the benefits it provides. This is where it gets difficult to make a decision.

Cable Internet

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Cable internet is the commonly used internet that people are using right now. For instance, those who are reading this post might be using cable internet. Usually, the speed is not as fast as fibre internet, but it is very accessible and convenient. The accessibility and availability are about 89% nationwide, which means you can get access to it almost everywhere. People are used to the cable internet despite the quality of speed because of this reason. You can contact the service provider and ask them to install it at your home or your premise. As simple as that. However, if you are in a building or household of many people, your connection might get interrupted. This usually occurs due to too many connections via the router, which could disturb the connection. It would be a hassle for those who need fast speed internet for their work or for an urgent situation. 

Which One Is Better?

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This is a question that deserves to be answered by the users themselves. As mentioned previously, both connections have their own pros and cons. Depending on the area you are based and your financial situation, you can decide to choose one of them on your own.