Heading To Industry 4.0

A lot of companies and factories are heading towards industry 4.0. What is meant by industry 4.0? Basically, industry 4.0 is most of the item, and the product in the factory was done by machines and robots. If we are going back then to our ancestors, most of the process in the factory was done by hands. But now, with the current technologies, most of the factories spend a lot of their money to buy the equipment to make the process easier and faster to be done. They are still in need of human labor but that all can be reduced with the use of robots and machines. Machines and robots have replaced human labor to make the process easier and faster to be done as has been mentioned just now. You can find a lot of factory automation Malaysia out there. Actually, you can still found out a lot more factories out there that have not started yet using the robots and machines in their production section. The government and the one responsible for the industry should encourage the factories and companies that did not use the machines and robots yet to start using it. 

ind4 - Heading To Industry 4.0

If you are one of the company owners that have one factory or more, you should move your company to phase industry 4.0. As has been mentioned up there repeatedly, using the machines and robots in your production area will make the process be done faster and easier. In another angle, you also can save a lot more budget to be spent on your workers. Why? It is because if you are hired a person to be work at your company, you need to spend some money to pay their salaries every month but if you replace and change your company system from human labor to using machines and robots in your production section, you only need to spend one time to buy the machines and only have to pay its maintenance maybe once in three years. With that, you just save a lot more budget for your company and it can be spent on another thing that is more important. But note in your mind that there is something you can replace with machines and robots and still need human labor. Even though you have to use the machines and robots in your production area, you still need human labor to maintain the machines. You also need a person to handle the machines. You can totally fire all your workers and replace them with machines. At the end of the day, it will bring chaos to your factory. 

Finally, yet importantly, you need to mind yourself as an owner, hiring the person into your company to work there also open job opportunities to them but at the same time, you also move towards industry 4.0. That is the best thing you can do for your company. You not only get the benefits from your action but also other people get to taste it too.

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