How to install a fiber optic network

Fiber optics is one of the most widely used communication and data transport systems today, along with cable technology, ADSL, satellite and telephone access that are fighting a tough battle for control and dominance of Internet access. Although not available in all areas, its increased speed and reliability make it a great competitor. Its installation requires the presence of a specialized technician, although every day there are more companies in the industry that have qualified personnel in networks to carry out its installation. Here are some tips for the installation of fiber optic networks.

Check availability in your area. The Unifi pakej service is usually offered by companies, most telephone companies. If service used to be obtainable, there must be a fiber optic distribution box on a telephone pole wherever close to the network used to be installed. There must be also another box covering the cable from the supply box on a pole a few feet from your home, office, or industry.

Optical Fiber cable Shireen 1 - How to install a fiber optic network

Advantages and drawbacks of fiber optic cables

Given the speed and bandwidth advantages that fiber optic has over copper cable, it also has some drawbacks. Here are the advantages and drawbacks of fiber optic cable.


  • Fiber cables are much lighter
  • The capacity of a fiber for data transmission is of a higher magnitude
  • The weakening of a fiber can be very low
  • A large number of channels might be re-amplified on a single fiber amplifier.
  • Optical data transmission on fibers use to be difficult intercepting and manipulating,
  • Offering better cyber-security
  • Fiber connections happen to be immune to EMPs
  • Fibers are not a fire hazard


With its ability to improve communication and devices, there is no doubt that fiber optics will continue to evolve and enable humans to continue to improve your communication, medicine, the military, aerospace technology, and other fields yet to be investigated. You can learn this if you want to reach Industry 4.0.