How to Organize Your Fridge

Have you ever spent more than the intended amount of time searching for the ingredient you need in your cooking? A well-organized refrigerator could be the solution to your problem. Even with limited space, with the right containers, you are able to organize your ingredients accordingly. 

You can check out more food containers for sale in Malaysia. Not only will an organized refrigerator helps reduce the time looking for the ingredients you need but also save more space for other foods. Here are a few ways you can maintain the organization in the refrigerator. 

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The first step to an organized refrigerator is by clearing everything and giving it a little scrub. Remove the drawers and containers and soak them in hot water. Do it gently and wipe the interior down. Then, replace the containers and drawers in their place.

This is the time for you to throw away anything that has already expired. Such as jellies, sauces, jams, and old fruits that have been stuck in there for so long. It’s easy to find and throw them now that they are not stuck in the refrigerator.

Sort Them Out

The habit of just tossing everything in the refrigerator must stop now. It’s time to smartly organize your things in the fridge. Commonly, there are 3 shelves in the refrigerator. So you can organize it according to the categories – dairy products, vegetables, meat and fish.

Meanwhile, on the refrigerator’s door shelves, you can place tin cans, jams, peanut butter, medicines, and more. In the drawers, you can place fresh produce so that it stays fresh. 

Use Clear Containers

It’s easier when you use clear containers so you know which containers fill in what item. This is also a way for you to ensure that the item that is in the container, stays in the container.

Another way to avoid confusion is to put on labels as well. What type of food goes in which container? In addition, clear containers are much easier to clean compared to other materials. 

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Keep A List

If you want to keep notes or just have a really bad memory, you can always opt to have a list of things you have in your refrigerator. Keep track of the new groceries, the ones that are nearing their expiration date, the vegetables, the jams, and the fresh produce you have in the refrigerator.

This will take a lot of work but the effort is worthwhile because your refrigerator will always be organized. By employing this method, you can also see what items you’re missing and what you should buy in your monthly grocery shopping

An organised fridge may take time and effort to complete, but it’s a worthwhile effort. You are always aware of what items are missing and you don’t have to constantly remind yourself what is missing in your refrigerator. With an organized refrigerator, your food lasts longer and your dinner is never delayed.