How To Pick The Best Rainwater System For Your Home

When it comes to rainwater systems, you must pick the best one there is out there that is suitable for your home, or it might cause a whole load of complications that will be harder for you to manage in the future. 

There are three types of metal rwdp pipes in Malaysia that you can use for your house, depending on specific criteria. Here are brief explanations about each of them. 

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Aluminium guttering comes with either a smooth or textured surface, which adds a fashionable touch. The variety of gutter profiles, pipe shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of colours and ornamental accessories like ear bands, allow you to customise this product to fit the personality of your home.

A deep flow gutter can handle enormous quantities of water flow from the roof without overflowing or splashing. The gutters will also be sturdy enough to withstand severe snow loads, while extra attaching brackets in high-risk regions are suggested. Aluminium guttering can use in a hot or cold climate depending, and it also can be customised to fit your aesthetics. 

Including a joint clip attachment mechanism on the gutters, which eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners or welding joints, will make installation faster and easier. Aluminium has more than 30 years of service life and is 100% recyclable which is also safer for the planet.

Iron (Casting)

This traditional rainwater system, which has been in use since the 1700s, is suitable for listed and heritage structures. Cast iron guttering is a heavier material than aluminium, but it has the same long-lasting features, with a life expectancy of 40 years or more. This may be extended even further with minor maintenance, such as repainting. Traditional gutter profiles, ornate ear bands, and attractive rainwater hoppers may all help to represent the atmosphere of ancient and historical structures.

Cast iron is 100% recyclable and promotes the growth of green and planktonic life through the natural oxidation process.

Stainless steel, copper, and zinc

These materials are chameleon-like, changing patina overtime to give the rainwater system depth and colour. They’re ideal for timber-clad, oak-framed constructions or even garden cottages, whose exteriors change colour as the wood matures, adding to their attractiveness.

The appealing patina created by oxidation also serves as a great, natural defence against the elements, making them an excellent material for use on coastal homes where erosion from salt in the air is a worry.

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Copper gutters and downpipes are durable, having been used for many centuries and providing nearly limitless life service.

Copper is a natural, biodegradable, and 100 per cent recyclable material that also functions as an algaecide and fungicide, reducing moss and lichen development and proving to be a low-maintenance solution. It’s also a good option for individuals who want to collect rainwater.

A rainwater system made of zinc or stainless steel would provide a modern touch to any construction project while also providing excellent durability and needing low maintenance.

Because these rainwater systems are comprised of lightweight materials, they demand extra caution when transporting and installing them, with gloves required at all times.

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