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There is indeed a lot of entertainment that the internet can provide, but not all of such entertainment is suitable, especially for your children as it can be affected by the following internet drawbacks. Remember that even the most powerful family filter and parental control app have yet to prove their effectiveness in blocking pornographic content. Check out unifi malaysia now for the best services 

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The Internet is indeed an unlimited source of information

However, while this is an advantage, it has, by chance, lowered people’s reading habits. Why should we read a thick and dusty compendium if we can find a topic I’m looking for in a few clicks. The laziness it brings makes it one of the disadvantages of the Internet

Internet is indeed a great way to make money, but it is also a risky well that can swallow your money and other important personal data as one of the disadvantages of the Internet. If you do internet banking, there is always a risk that your financial data will be stolen by malicious people. So be very careful when handling your personal data using the Internet.

What is represents

It represents the arrangement between the different applications, the storage service, and the corporate network. All these elements, which are interconnected, form the IT infrastructure. We also speak of computer systems or computer architecture.

  • The role of IT architecture is to give a company’s employees easy, continuous and secure access to company applications and data.
  • The equipment that makes it up presupposes a well-managed installation and maintenance so that the company can make the best use of them.

From a practical point of view, the IT infrastructure can be hosted:

  • Physically, on the premises of the company: this is referred to as an On-premise solution
  • All the points that we are going to evoke to explain how it works exist in both configurations.

In order to best define what an IT infrastructure is, we will first look at what resources are needed to make it work. Then, what it can host as services. And finally, the points that characterize it, namely: its availability, performance, security, and how to access it. Note that as part of an infrastructure audit, all of the elements below are listed and analyzed.