About Pitched Roofs With Metal Roofing?

Are you having your house built? Do you need to renovate your roof? Pitched roofs with metal roofing are a good solution thanks to their durability. It is important to choose a cover that is resistant to bad weather or even an outside fire. To help you in your research, here is an overview of the answers to the questions you ask yourself about this type of coverage.

red metal roof 1 - About Pitched Roofs With Metal Roofing?

What are the different types of metal roofing?

The metal is suitable for very steep or very low slope roofs (from 5%). It allows very light frames or the most complex shapes. It also has good resistance to the proliferation of fungi and mosses. Several materials are used for metal covers.

What should you watch out for during installation?

It is recommended that you hire a Roofing Malaysia specialist to benefit from durability and waterproofing guarantees.

Pay attention to the fixings.

A metal roof is very light, so the professional must firmly fix the frame to the masonry so as not to risk seeing the roof being washed away in the event of a strong wind.

Have good thermal insulation made.

The thermal insulation of metal roofs makes it possible to increase the energy efficiency of buildings fitted with it. The chosen solution must take into account the level of humidity and the slope of the roof. In most cases, it improves the level of sound insulation and fire resistance at the same time. Several poses are possible for the insulation:

The cold roof: the roof is separated from the insulation by a ventilated space. Good ventilation must be ensured to avoid condensation problems.

The warm roof: there is no space below the steel deck. It is then necessary to have good airtightness and an efficient vapor barrier.

What should you check after work?

Different structural pathologies can appear:

Failure to implement chassis

Roof ceilings are damaged by water infiltration around the roof frames. Thermal insulation gets wet and loses its insulating capacity. Water drips in heavy rains.

A problem with connecting roof windows to zinc roofing

Infiltration may appear in the roof frames after the work has been carried out. It damages the ceilings, stains the paints. The thermal insulation is soaked and can no longer perform its function properly.

Infiltration of a blanket

Traces of moisture affect the paint on the ceilings and stains resulting from infiltration can appear on the walls, baseboards and floors.

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