The Anal Plug or the Art of Corked Pleasure

It is neither a small elf without eyes nor a replica of a Christmas tree, nor even a pretty decorative mushroom, no, this small object with the base widened before its thinner top, it is an anal plug.

That is to say, one of the simplest and most effective objects of pleasure to go and provide waves of pleasure where the sun never shines.

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An anal plug, as its name suggests, is a plug that slides into your anus. But behind this simple function hides a mine of largely underestimated pleasures. It is important to note that if the object you have in your hands does not have an enlarged base, it is not an anal plug. Then make it into a candle holder, fishing rod, or picture frame, whatever you like, but out of pity on your butt, don’t slip it into your rectum.

The anus reacts like a black hole. Literally. That is to say, it sucks up everything you slide into it, unless the thing in question has a widened base which holds the object (unlike the probable black holes of space which aspire to everything, but as only specialists can answer this question, it is preferred not to assert anything).

You should therefore only put in your anus objects that have been designed for.

The difference between an anal plug and an anal vibrator

The anal plug is an object of often smaller dimensions than those of the anal vibrator and that you simply position comfortably in the anus before moving your buttocks a little to feel all the delicious and subtle sensations. Available at the kedai alatan seks.

If you are looking for stronger sensations, it will be better to turn to an anal vibrator, a real humming machine between the two buttocks for more ambitious pleasures.

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