Bank account creation made easy


The moment a person has surpassed a certain age, one of the first and the most important things that is asked to be done would be the creation of a bank account. This is essentially done to manage his or her expenses on their own or by the supervision of their parents. Nowadays as everything is turning cashless, people are resorting more towards online banking and online payment. When this is done, people should be even more mindful of their safety of account and also the transactions that are being done. If you are new to this online banking system and looking for information to learn more about it ? then you have come to the right place. To begin with, the followings are the ways on how create a bank account online 

How to create account online

The online bank account creation malaysia can be a little tricky and may vary according to the banking brand. To open a bank account online you would first need to prepare a few important documents. The documents that will be usually asked are 

  • Identification card
  • Residence permit 
  • Proof of employment (if you are a working adult) 

Besides this, you would also need to prepare a certain amount of cash as the minimum opening deposit. This may vary according to the bank. 

If you were to register for your account in one of the bank’s branches, you would need to submit your fingerprint but since you are going to register it online, you would not require it. However some banking brands might require you to do so. This would be done by you sending a picture of your fingerprint. 

Once you have prepared the documents needed, you will be asked to fill in forms online. You would require to scan and attach together the forms that you have filled. If needed, you will also be asked to attach other supporting documents. These steps here would rely on the type of account that you are applying for. Let’s say if you are applying for a personal account only a few documents will be involved but if you are applying for a business account then perhaps you need to give supporting documents together like your business location and documents related to the premises. 

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Once you are done with this step, you would be sent with a confirmation verification that you need to verify immediately. By doing so it is assumed that you agree with all the terms and conditions. You are almost done with the procedure at this point. Your online bank account can be accessed after being told by the banking company itself. To start using your account online, you would need to install the application on your phone or other device and you are good to go !

image 3 - Bank account creation made easy


Creating a bank account for yourself is indeed important as it brings numerous benefits that you may gain. You no longer need to queue long hours in line, you could simply place orders for your items purchased online and it would be delivered right at your doorstep and even if you purchase things from the store you could simply make payment by scanning the qr code from your mobile application. Purchasing items and conducting transactions that involves huge sum is made easy with online banking.