How to Take Care the Breast Pump Properly

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A breast pump is one of the breastfeeding supplies that cannot be left behind. When the breasts are full and it is time to express the milk, a breast pump is required. Given that breastfeeding typically lasts longer than one year, the breast pump must also be regularly maintained to ensure its durability. Then, what treatments are necessary to extend the life of the breast pump? Here are five ways to maintain a breast pump properly.

1. Read the rules of use

Before using, read the usage, storage, and maintenance instructions listed on the packaging.

Due to the breast pump’s unique design, it occasionally necessitates special care.

Before bringing the item home, inquire about the parts you don’t understand and, if necessary, request that the seller demonstrate how to use and care for each piece individually.

2. Separate parts before cleaning

Breast pumps typically consist of a number of components that are connected when in use, correct? Well then, ensure that all the parts are washed separately.

Do not wash the pump while it is still connected so that all parts can be thoroughly cleaned and no milk residue is left behind to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

3. Clean the remaining milk

Before washing the breast pump with soap, first rinse it with cold (not warm) water to ensure that all of its components are not damaged quickly. After washing with cold water, mothers can apply laundry detergent.

4. Let it dry

Allow the pump to dry completely before reusing it because milk mixed with the rest of the washing water can promote the growth of bacteria.

5. Sterilization

There are numerous breast pump products that must be sterilized by boiling them in water.

You can also sterilize the pump in the microwave, so long as you inquire with the seller beforehand about its safety.

Breast Pump Use

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Once all components are clean and ready for use, they can be used to express breast milk.

The following are typical considerations when using an electric breast pump:

1. Examine the battery

To prevent the breast pump from jamming before milk is pumped to completion, mothers must frequently examine the battery and ensure it is fully charged prior to use.

2. Use low speed

If your pump has a temperature or speed adjustment, begin with the lowest speed.

Generally, damage to the pump is caused by an error during the initial use.

3. Pump regularly

In the beginning, pump frequently, for instance every 2 to 5 minutes; if this is comfortable, pump every 10 to 15 minutes, and so on.

Your breasts must become accustomed to the breast pump, as it will affect your milk production.

By using an electric breast pump properly and caring for it with diligence, your favorite pump will last for many years. Find the best breast pump brand malaysia.

Moms can continue to move, and infants can consume breast milk to meet their vitamin and mineral needs during their growth period.