Methods to Make Payments Easy for Customers

A smooth sailing process is what makes the shopping experience gratifying. It is also the reason why many customers prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes instead of going to the physical store. Hence, it’s wise to buy qr code scanner malaysia or employ debit and credit card payments so customers can pay seamlessly. If you’re considering which device to employ to make checkouts smooth for your customers, then here are some ideas that we can contribute. 

Credit and Debit Cards

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Presently in Malaysia, many have employed to use credit and debit card payments. Why? Because it’s easy and simple. Moreover, many customers, youth especially, do not carry cash anymore. They usually carry a small wallet where they only put in cards that are important – cash is a rare sight in there. It’s also safe to just keep the cash payment method, just in case. According to a study, there is 73.1% total of credit card payments while debit cards 26.9% in 2020. 

Bank Transfers

The most popular payment method currently in Malaysia is bank transfer. This is because the bank operation in Malaysia is at 96% in 2022, which is high. Most individuals opt for online banking as well. Online payments have become so much easier now with the help of Financial Process Exchange (FPX), iPay88, and eGHL. These systems have partnered up with a lot of banks in Malaysia, solidifying their place as a smooth payment method. Certain banks have also introduced their own payment methods such as Maybank2U Payment.


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Digital wallets, also known as e-wallets, and mobile wallets are digital methods of payment. It works the same as a physical wallet, but it operates digitally. Customers should top-up the balance in their wallets using real money by utilizing credit cards, bank transfers, and debit cards. Another positive aspect in regard to the e-wallet is that it can be used offline and online which gives them the same advantage as debit and credit cards. Most youths opt for e-wallets so if they are your target, then you can employ this method. 

Cash on Delivery 

The good old cash payments are usually what the elderly prefer. It’s what they are used to and what they have always known. Some youths prefer this payment method as well due to preference. Before COVID-19, this was the priority payment method that almost everyone use. Moreover, groups that like this type of payment method are usually the ones who prefer to see the quality and functionality of the products before they pay for them. Hence, it’s why many couriers such as GDex and Pos Laju offer COD services. If your business is better utilizing this method with the right targeted audience, then you’re on the right track.