Try These Cool Experiments With Friends!

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Try These Cool Experiments With Friends!

Science experiments can be a fun and exciting way to learn about the world around us. They involve observation, research, and experimentation in order to answer questions or test hypotheses. With the right safety cabinet malaysia, you can safely explore the fascinating elements of science from the comfort of your own home! Biosafety cabinets Malaysia offers a safe and secure way to conduct science experiments, ensuring that proper safety measures are taken so that no harm comes to you or anyone else involved in the experiment. Whether you’re an experienced scientist or just starting out on your journey with science experiments, biosafety cabinets in Malaysia will provide you with all the necessary tools for success.

8 Cool Science Experiments You Should Try At Home!

Science experiments can be a fun and exciting way to learn about the world around us so here are 8 cool Science experiments you can try:

1. Crystal Growing: Gather supplies like Epsom salt, boiling water, and a glass container to explore the process of crystal growth!  All you need to do is dissolve several tablespoons of Epsom salt in some boiling water and pour it into your container. Place the container somewhere undisturbed (like in a biosafety cabinet) and watch as your crystals form over time.

2. Make Your Own Slime: Making slime is an easy way to have fun with science at home! You’ll need glue, Borax powder, warm water, food coloring, and a mixing bowl or biosafety cabinet for this experiment. All you have to do is mix all the ingredients together until you get the desired consistency of slime

3. Home Volcano: Create a mini home volcano with baking soda and vinegar in your biosafety cabinet to watch the chemical reaction take place. Mix some baking soda and vinegar in a bottle or container, then add some red food coloring to create “lava” when it erupts!

4. Colour-Changing Flowers: In this experiment, you will explore the pH levels of different liquids by using flowers. Place a white flower in a biosafety cabinet and pour the liquids into separate containers or glasses one at a time. Watch as the color of the petals change!

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5. DIY Thermometer: With just some simple supplies like balloons, water, and rubbing alcohol, you can create your own thermometer for use in a number of science experiments! Fill two balloons with varying amounts of liquid (water & rubbing alcohol) and attach them to each other with string, then suspend it over an object such as boiling water to watch as the temperature changes.

6. Levitating Water: With just a few supplies and your biosafety cabinet, you can explore the effects of surface tension. Fill a container with some water and add a drop of dish soap. Then dip a toothpick or cotton swab into the mixture and watch as it magically levitates!

7. DIY Lava Lamp: An old-fashioned lava lamp can easily be recreated in your own home! Fill a jar with water and vegetable oil, then place it inside the biosafety cabinet. Add several drops of food coloring and watch as the colorful “lava” slowly flows around the container!

8. DIY Geyser: Make your own geyser or “Old Faithful” in a bottle! Pour some warm water into the bottle and add several drops of dish soap. Place a piece of paper over the top of the bottle and hold it tightly. Then, quickly remove it and watch as the water erupts from the top!


Science experiments are not just for scientists – anyone can take part in exploring the wonderful world of science from the comfort of their own home. With biosafety cabinets available at great prices, there’s never been a better time to start your own science experiments. So what are you waiting for? Get started today and explore the exciting world of science!