All About Nursing Pillow

One of the toughest tasks in the world is raising a child. For some women, becoming a new mother marks an important turning point in their lives. They will be excited but anxious at the same time waiting for the baby to come out. What to anticipate while expecting? Are you going to have a baby this year? Are you panicking because you have no idea what to prepare and buy? One of the nursing items that you would want to consider is the best nursing pillow

A nursing pillow will help to make your baby feel comfortable while you are breastfeeding. It also avoids from your hand to be numb to your baby’s weight while breastfeeding. It is one of the must-buy items for newborn mommies. 

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Benefits of Nursing Pillow

Provide back support. You don’t need to wait till your child is born to purchase a nursing pillow. When you’re pregnant, a breastfeeding pillow might help support your back. Your back may experience back pain throughout the last trimester of pregnancy in particular when your baby and uterus grow and gain weight. You can place your nursing cushion around your lower back when you sit down on a chair or couch. This would help to protect your back from the pressure of prolonged sitting while maintaining an upright sitting position.

Reduce hurt from an episiotomy. If the baby was excessively huge, even those who delivered naturally can feel agony. It is possible for the vagina to tear, in which case a surgeon would need to conduct an episiotomy or stitching procedure on the mother’s vagina. Up to a year or more would pass before the stitches were fully healed. When you breastfeed, a nursing pillow makes it more convenient for you and can help you feel less stressed.

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Baby’s exercise. The majority of their waking hours must be spent crawling or laying on their stomachs for babies. When your baby’s stomach lies flat on the bed or floor, gravity would impose a force on their neck, shoulders, and tummy that would force them to learn how to maintain stability. While breathing, their lungs can also get a workout. Your baby can feel comfortable lying on its stomach if you use a nursing pillow to provide cushioning for them.

Learning to sit. Your child’s attempt to sit down can be supported and stabilised by a nursing pillow. Additionally, it will protect their head if they trip and fall. To keep your baby safe when they transition from crawling to sitting, you can lay numerous nursing pillows on the area where they are crawling.


A nursing pillow frequently serves as a fantastic option when you’re nursing while sitting, using a cradle, cross-cradle, or football grip. It is not surprising to learn that inadequate support can result in wrist and hand injuries, as well as shoulder and back pain, given how frequently you breastfeed—every day and night for months. Making the proper setup takes time, but it’s completely worth it. There are a lot of different types and sizes of nursing pillows you can buy for your and your baby’s comfort!